Below are just some of the recent matches made right here at
Perfect Horse 4 U!
Videos of all horses for sale or horses sold may be seen on the
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Although I'll probably never hear the end
of it, I sold Steve's new horse right out
from under him! Juice found a great
home with Terry and Julie Sabransky
Starbert Star Banner or just "Bert" was hands
down one of a kind! He made his way to PA.
What a COOL horse to have around!
Good luck to Bailey Knepper
and Crocker Boy!! After only a
few weeks together Bailey and
Crocker had 1st and 2nd
place finishes at their first
High School Rodeo together!!
Keep up the good work Bailey!
Miss Lectric Polka found a new home with the
Warrington's! Thank you guys I know you will love
this pretty and talented mare and have many good
rides!! Hated to see her go!
UPDATE: Cindy and Macy have won several mounted
shooting matches throughout 2012!! Recently they
also started competing in penning and sorting and
Cindy says this mare is a natural at everything she
does and everywhere she goes she gets compliments!!
Congratulations to Karen Guyer on your purchase of
Scooter!! You will be unstoppable in the shooting arena
with this horse!! Good luck!!
What's better than one perfect horse? Try 3! A big thank you to
Scott and Tara Webster. We certainly filled your barn with some
great horses that will make your equine experience a good one! Tick,
Chico and Hoss are the best of the best!!
Congrats to the Cotsamire family on finding
their Perfect Horse! Que-T is a great family
horse and as you can see Desiree and Taylor
are already enjoying her!
Click here for a video of Bailey
and Crocker running at the High
School Rodeo 11/5-6/2011
Looks like Brandon found his Perfect Horse!!
Buck was just what this kid needed to build
his confidence! Buck and Brandon are
becoming quite a team in the Jr Rodeo!!
Watch for "Cooter" and Andy Nolan in a
CMSA arena near you! Good luck guys!
Smarty and his new girl!! So glad to have
made this match! Smarty is now running
barrels and poles in the PA Jr Rodeo!
Congrats Jan Daniels on your
purchase of Two Eyed Liberty Kat or
"Jag". I know he will have a great
home with you!
I could have never asked for a better
match for "Viggo" now known as
"Whiskey". Thank you Benita for giving this
gorgeous boy such a great home!
Who remembers Velvet? Well I got a wonderful email recently about her that I
wanted to share with everyone. If you have followed Perfect Horse 4 U for any
length of time you know the relationship I had with this horse!
"My name is Kim Black. We purchased Ole Velvet Cream Pie last summer for
my 10 year old daughter. I was looking on youtube today and saw all the
videos you made of her doing the obstacle course and such. I just wanted to
tell you she is a Wonderful horse and is doing great! We love, love, love, her!
My daughter  just started to ride about a year ago and Pie has been such a
confidence builder! She is so gentle and sweet! We took her to a couple of fun
shows last summer and she placed 1st and second every time and those were
my daughters first shows! We are not quite to the obstacle course stage like
you had her doing, like I said my daughter is just learning and so am I. We
hope we can get her there someday like you had her. I just wanted to let you
know how she was doing. We do spoil her and love her!"
"Mercedes" traveled all the way to
Scottsdale, AZ to meet her new owner! Erin
took her on a ride the first weekend and
loved her!! Happy customers all around!
Really hated to see this one go! "Ghost" was one
of my favorites of all time, but I couldn't have
picked a better home for her! Thank you Joel
Krocker for giving my girl the best home ever!
We are very proud that Kala Shaw picked
"Moonshine" to be her very first rope horse! What a
beautiful and talented horse. Happy to say Kala and
Moonshine have kicked butt in their first season of
roping together!!!
Dunnit Likea Lee Wood was a favorite on the
Fall RFD-TV Superior Horse auction! We had
so many calls about him but he ended up
going to a wonderful home in California!!
Dude found a great home with Tom. Since
buying Dude we have been on several rides with
Tom and he just LOVES this little guy! They
have covered many many miles already!
Roger and Jean bought one of our favorites to
ride on their beautiful farm and enjoy for the
rest of their lives. I hope when I am 80 years old
I can still ride and work like these folks. Had a
great time and ate the best homemade apple pie
I ever had ! Steve and I couldn't be happier for
Blue to get such a great home!
Our very own Crocker Boy was December 2012
National Jr High School Rodeo Horse of the
Month!!! See him in the NHSRA magazine or on
the website!!! Congrats Bailey and Crocker!!!
Merry Christmas Genesis!!!
Theo was Gen's Christmas present! She had
been wishing and hoping for a long time and
her wish finally came true. I think we kept it a
pretty good secret though!! Good luck, this is
one of our favorite teams!!!
Our beautiful Lion got a great home in
January! We have already had reports
back from his new home and they
absolutely LOVE him!! Who wouldn't?
"Flint" was purchased by Melissa Crase
from KY. I couldn't have picked a more
perfect home for him and we are excited
to see great things from this team!!
This week's featured horse for sale:
2002 AQHA gelding own grandson of Coy's Bonanza, Doc Bar AND Sugar Bars!! Has
NRHA points! Check him out on the Trail Horses 4 Sale page!
Our beautiful Cash went to Patty in
Wisconsin who is totally in love with her new
Fox Trotter!!! Thank you Patty for giving him
a great home and trusting Steve and I to
send you a good one!
Thank you to the Thomas family for buying
not one but two great trail horses from us.
Apache and Oakie are living the good life!
After a ton of interest, Smokey sold
to a great home in the RFD-TV
Spring 2013 sale.